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  • Life Begins Here TCS is not in network with any insurance providers and will be considered an out of network provider.

  • You may seek reimbursement from your respective insurance plan for which you have coverage if you have out of network benefits. Please contact your insurance plan to determine if services are reimbursable and learn about the claims process. We will provide you with a superbill to submit to your insurance company if applicable. Please note: Typically only individual/group therapy is covered by insurance providers.


Speaking Engagements, Partnerships, Trainings, Consulting & Contracting

Submit an inquiry if you are interested in:

  • Booking Dr. Kim LO to speak at your event

  • Partner on an opportunity or event

  • Booking Dr. Kim LO to host a training/ workshop

  • Professional consultation on one of niche/ specialty areas

  • Contracting Dr. Kim LO's services for a short term project. 

You can learn more about Dr. Kim LO's consulting services at


The Melanated Mommy Tribe services at

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What to Expect

  • Groups sessions are typically 75 to 90 minutes. 

  • Groups are typically limited to 3-12 participants (for both virtual and in person) to keep the space intimate and inclusive.

  • Some groups will require you to complete an assessment to ensure you are a good fit for the group. This will include primarily collecting background information as it relates to your reason(s) for wanting to be apart of the group, etc. 

  • Confidentiality agreements will be included in the group rules to be reviewed and signed to protect the privacy of all participants. 

  • Most group sessions will be closed (same participants/ cohort will be present in each group; new members will not be allowed to join once the group has started) as opposed to open to maintain confidently and build rapport and a feeling of safety for participants. 

  • The last 10-15 minutes of each session, we will use to check in, re-center and ground before concluding. 

  • For couple related groups that Dr. Kim facilitates she will primarily utilize the Gottman method of couples therapy. Homework and activities may be provided after sessions and completion of those are apart of the therapeutic process.

  • Premarital counseling sessions typically range from 5-8 sessions (however this can vary from couple to couple depending on presenting issues).

  • Couples can choose from 60 to 90 minute sessions; the fee for sessions are based on the duration of the session.

Please check out our FAQ page for further information or submit an inquiry.

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