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Frequently asked questions

How do sessions work? How many sessions will I need?

Sessions are 50 minutes in length. The last 5 minutes are used to set up the following session. During the 50 minutes we assess reasons for coming to therapy and an assessment is completed in order to identify goals and a plan moving forward to best fit your therapeutic needs.

Do I have to be diagnosed in order to use my insurance benefits?

Yes. In order to utilize your insurance benefits you have to have a diagnosable reason/ medical necessity for utilizing therapy services such as you do for going to see your primary care doctor or going to a hospital. Otherwise your insurance will not cover your visits. If this is an issue or concern for you self-pay may be the best option.

Do you accept insurance for couples counseling?

We do not accept insurance for couples as traditional couples therapy is not covered by insurance. Insurance companies typically only cover individual or group therapy sessions. Couples may chose from the 60 minute session ($125), 75 minute session ($150) or the 90 minute session ($175) option.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards, debit cards, cash, Flex Spending Accounts (FSA) and Health Savings Accounts (HSA). Full payment is due at the time services are rendered. Your co-pay will be charged prior to your session starting.

Why can’t telehealth sessions be done for people outside of Georgia?

Our clinicians are licensed in Georgia, therefore, the ethical requirements and state laws for those states outside of Georgia may vary for conducting telehealth sessions. Therefore in order to remain in compliance and practice ethically we are only able to see clients within the state we are licensed in.

How long will I need therapy? And how often will I need to come?

This varies greatly depending on the client and the severity of the issue(s). After the initial assessment a better idea can be given to how frequent the sessions will need to be. Typically for new clients every 1-2 weeks is recommended. The progress and consistency of the client attending sessions will help to determine the duration needed.

What is the late cancellation/ no show policy?

If clients do not cancel within 48 hours of their appointment time they will be charged $90 or if a client same day cancels or no shows for their appointment they will be charged the full session rate of $150. All client balances must be paid in full in order for a follow appointment to be scheduled. New clients who no show/late cancel will not be rescheduled for a future session (This will be at the discretion of the therapist). We send out 72 hour appointment reminders and offer multiple ways to cancel appointments to make this fee avoidable for clients. However this policy is strictly enforced.

What if I have an emergency or crisis outside of session?

We are not immediately accessible outside of sessions or 24/7 therefore if you have a mental health crisis or emergency you should call 911, the Georgia Crisis and Access Line at 1-800-715-4225 or go to your nearest Emergency Room.

Is therapy 100% confidential?

Yes therapy is confidential however there are a few exceptions to this which include: (a) If your insurance company requests your records (this is rare) as apart of an audit. (b) We are mandated reporters therefore if you mention you are in any way abusing/ neglecting a minor or the elderly this will be reported to the respective departments under The Department of Health & Human Services. (c) If you mention you have a plan and intentions to harm yourself or anyone else then confidentiality will be broken to ensure the safety of all as in Georgia there is a duty to protect citizens and our clients from harm.

What if my insurance ends up not covering my session after I've already had the session?

Although rare, at times insurance companies may report coverage of a service but may not disclose the deductible amount remaining that the client has to meet prior to having the session covered at the co-payment amount. The client is ultimately responsible for services rendered. The client will be responsible for paying their insurance provider's contracted rate that is reported on the Explanation of Benefits (EOB) or the full session fee ($175) if the service is not covered at all. Per the practice's policy, clients may not carry a balance and continue to have sessions. All balances must be paid in full in order for a follow up session to be scheduled.

Image by Aaron Burden