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Below are our areas of specialty in which we offer collective healing experiences such as small groups, workshops, retreats and other events centering around these areas.

Mother and Baby on Floor


"Motherhood is one of the most important and hardest jobs there is. Having a safe space to normalize and process the emotions that arise along the journey is essential. You are not alone mama...remember it takes a village. You are in the right place."


We offer soon to be mamas, new mommies and mommies in general the mental health support they need to get through the beautiful yet at times mentally draining parts and phases of motherhood through our groups and other offerings. Dr. Kim is also a trained birth doula and is certified as a Perinatal Mental Health Clinician. As a mother herself and with her professional experience she knows first hand the mental and physical strains motherhood can place on women, especially Black women. Furthermore, she understands it is not an easy feat to balance multiple roles such as a marriage/ relationships, (multiple) children and/ or a career, etc all while trying to maintain YOUrself holistically; mind, body and spirit.


To assist couples with navigating the transition and the challenges that bringing home a new baby can certainly cause, Dr. Kim offers Bringing Baby Home workshops and Seven Principles to Making Marriage Work. Check out our Events page and look under Workshops to learn more or submit an inquiry for Dr. Kim to facilitate a workshop for your group or organization via our Contact page.

Dr. Kim is the founder of The Melanated Mommy Tribe an organization that advocates for Black maternal health and provides a safe space for Black mothers through our offerings and focuses on all things Black maternal mental health; you can learn more by visiting

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Couples/ Marriage

"Conflict is inevitable in all relationships, but what makes the difference in those relationships that are successful and those that are not is having the tools to effectively communicate and address the conflict."


We welcome all couples within any phase of their relationship. Whether you are just dating, preparing for marriage, married, or on the brink of separation due to unresolvable differences or perpetual problems, infidelity, etc. Dr. Kim is a Level 3 trained Gottman Couples Therapist and has over 7 years of experience working with couples at all stages of their relationship. The services we offer for couples help with strengthening the couple's bond through building love maps, acknowledging dreams, implementing effective communication skills and equipping our couples with the tools they need to meet their desired relationship goals.


Love languages, expectations, desires and exploring your inner self and your partner's to gain a better understanding of one another in hopes of  achieving alignment and a thriving relationship is also central to our couples therapy practices. 


Premarital counseling is also offered to newly engaged couples. Some of the topics explored include family of origin, finances, career, parenthood, house chores, interpersonal relationships, intimacy, religion/ spirituality, expectations, etc.


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Depression & Anxiety

"In the battle against depression and anxiety, self-compassion becomes the armor, therapy the strategy, and resilience the victory."


We work primarily with individuals who have minimal to severe anxiety and depression that could have just appeared in an individual’s life due to a move to a new city, school, relationship issues or due to job related stressors, etc. to those who have been struggling with it for years and it is affecting their day to day well-being or causing them to isolate or avoid certain activities, spaces and/ or situations.


Our goal is to assist clients in living their most holistically well and authentic life by addressing, processing, healing and providing tools to effectively combat the affects that trauma, depression, anxiety and life in general has had on them. We work from a task oriented and strengths based perspective to help clients live holistically well and evolve into their best selves and living authentically.

Holistic Health & Wellness

"The mind, body, and soul connection underscores the intricate interplay between our mental, physical, and spiritual aspects. Recognizing and nurturing this connection can lead to a more comprehensive understanding of well-being and personal growth."


The concept of the mind, body, and soul connection is rooted in the idea that these three aspects of human existence are intricately intertwined and influence each other's well-being. This concept can be found in various spiritual, philosophical, and holistic traditions. Here's an explanation of each element and the meaning of their connection:


  • Mind: The mind encompasses cognitive processes, thoughts, emotions, beliefs, perceptions, and consciousness. It's the seat of intellect, reason, and creativity. Mental well-being involves maintaining a healthy thought process, managing emotions, and nurturing positive cognitive patterns. The mind influences how we perceive and respond to external events and experiences.


  • Body: The body refers to the physical aspect of an individual, including organs, tissues, physiological processes, and sensory experiences. Physical well-being involves taking care of the body through proper nutrition, exercise, rest, and hygiene. The state of the body can impact mental and emotional states; for example, physical ailments or imbalances can contribute to feelings of discomfort or distress.


  • Soul (or Spirit): The soul, often referred to as the spirit, represents the inner essence of a person. It's associated with a person's unique identity, consciousness, and deeper purpose. This aspect delves into questions of meaning, spirituality, and connection to God. Nurturing the soul involves practices that align with personal values, beliefs, and a sense of purpose.


The connection among these three elements can be understood in the following ways:


  • Holistic Well-being: The mind, body, and soul are interconnected facets of an individual's overall well-being. For someone to experience true wellness, all three aspects need to be nurtured and in harmony. Neglecting any one of these elements can lead to imbalances that affect overall health.


  • Impact on Health: Imbalances or stress in one area (mind, body, or soul) can manifest as health issues in other areas. For instance, chronic stress or emotional distress can lead to physical ailments, while physical health problems can contribute to emotional and mental challenges.


  • Integrated Healing: Approaches that consider the mind, body, and soul connection aim to address root causes of issues rather than merely treating symptoms. Practices such as mindfulness, meditation, yoga, and therapy often emphasize holistic healing by fostering balance among these three elements.


  • Personal Growth and Fulfillment: Exploring the mind, body, and soul connection can lead to personal growth, self-awareness, and a deeper sense of purpose. Engaging in activities that align with one's values and nurture these elements can contribute to a more fulfilling life.


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