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Mother and Baby on Floor


"Motherhood is one of the most important and hardest jobs there is. Having a safe space to normalize and process the emotions that arise along the journey is essential. You are not alone mama...remember it takes a village. You are in the right place."


We offer soon to be mamas, new mommies and mommies in general the mental health support they need to get through the beautiful yet at times mentally draining parts and phases of motherhood. Dr. Kim is also a trained birth doula and is certified as a Perinatal Mental Health Clinician. As a mother herself and with her professional experience she knows first hand the mental and physical strains motherhood can place on women, especially Black women. Furthermore, she understands it is not an easy feat to balance multiple roles such as a marriage/ relationships, (multiple) children and/ or a career, etc all while trying to maintain YOUrself holistically; mind, body and spirit.


To assist couples with navigating the transition and the challenges that bringing home a new baby can certainly cause, Dr. Kim offers Bringing Baby Home workshops and Seven Principles to Making Marriage Work. Check out our Events page and look under Workshops to learn more or submit inquiry for Dr. Kim to facilitate a workshop for your organization.

Dr. Kim also has an organization specifically for Black mothers called The Melanated Mommy Tribe; you can learn more by visiting

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